100 € Startup Website
Business Webpage create for you a startup website for only 100 €.

It is a simple and concisely design (no cms) like the preview here in front of you. 
The unique what you have to do is, please inform us in few words about your business:

- What do you do with your business exactly?
- Tell us somthing more about you team?
- What do you offer your customers?
- How to contact you?
- What are the legal points shall be mentioned under the menu point "Imprint"?
- Does' s already a company logo or some pictures may we implement on your website?
- Maybe there are some proposals for the color design (menu, background etc.pp.) ?!

Naturally we transfer the site files on the FTP server of a provider of your choice. Furthermore we help you, to figure a suitable website name. Optional for an additional 50 € we optimize the meta tag information of your future website and report them to the most commonly used search engines. Of course, we also develop more complex websites, but this requires a separate consultation with us and then no longer runs through our special startup website offer for € 100.

More information you can get right here.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries.